The Pelicann

The company completed the development of three families of revolutionary formulations for new premixed powder food products infused with cannabis and hemp derived ingredients. These families of products cover the entire spectrum of cannabis edibles consumption today with Hemp Seeds, Oils, Protein and flower, CBD based products and THC based products for the adults’ recreational market according to local regulations and policies.  

The company is launching its first 32 products to the market on 2020. The products will include among other and under the company’s brand ‘The Pelicann’, instant baking powders for cupcakes and pancakes   (CannaMix ™); Powders for hot, cold and iced beverages (CannaShakes ™); Salad and pizza spices (CannaSpice ™) and natural energy-rejuvenation products for athletes infused with hemp protein and more (Cannashakes Sports™).

The products are infused with a measured dosage of active cannabinoids to address the regulations requirements. Edibles are a delivery system for active cannabinoids also for those who use it medicinally. The CBD-enhanced products are sold online and targeting convenience stores and supermarket. THC-enhanced products will be sold only in state-sanctioned dispensaries.