Developing premixed foods, beverages, nutritional supplements, and spices blends.

About Us

Cannibble Foodtech Ltd. (CSE:PLCN) is an innovative Israeli food tech company that develops and manufactures food mix products that are enhanced variously with hemp seeds, hemp protein, where legal to do so. Cannibble develops proprietary formulas for powder-based food and beverages, marketed under our brand name The Pelicann™. Cannibble has developed over 100 product SKUs, of which 32 have been manufactured to date.

Cannibble’s IP and unique know-how is protected by its own formulation. Our unique process technology to introduce oils and liquids to a powder mix and getting a perfectly dried and evenly distribution of any ingredients in the final product without changing the powder texture.

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Cannibble Foodtech Ltd
P.O.Box 4250, Rosh Haaiin 4856602 Israel