The Management

Mr. Yoav Bar Joseph

CEO & Founder

An entrepreneur in the Israeli food industry with more than 25-year experience.
Founder of Blueberries.
A leading food & beverages company.
Expert in developing and turning ideas to selling products, managing business companies in the food industry. Specializes in business development, international sales, Strategic cooperation for business growth and product development.

Mr. Elad Barkan

CTO & Founder

A leading international brand developer. Expert in product development with more than 15 years in leading food industries including establishing & managing manufacturing facilities Food science and ingredient functionality knowledge. Experiences in testing & commercializing food products in a manufacturing facility.

Mr. Barkan is a founder and shareholder of the Skinny Pasta group, an international gluten free noodles brand sold worldwide.

Mr. Ziv Turner

VP BizDev & Founder

Founder of One World Cannabis (OTC: OWCP). Three years’ experience managing a US public company. 8+ years expertise in the Cannabis field from seed to store, medicinal use and recreational use. 20 years’ experience in global sales, business development and marketing.